BICL and Chondrometrics formed a partnership in 2009 in order to broaden and advance their capabilities for offering imaging biomarker analysis to osteoarthritis researchers in academia and the pharmaceutical industry.


Together they are able to offer a strong and comprehensive portfolio of imaging biomarkers to their partners and clients, unmet by other providers in the field.  Additionally, they utilize the synergies and experience to further develop and validate advanced imaging biomarkers.  It allows detection of disease risk factors in clinical trials with high efficiency and should accelerate the development of drugs, particularly for osteoarthritis and other joint diseases. 


Chondrometrics is a leading provider of medical image analysis services to researchers in academia and in the pharmaceutical industry. The focus of the company is on quantitative analysis of articular cartilage, meniscus, and muscle from magnetic resonance images (MRI), and on the research of osteoarthritis. 

The company has developed a highly efficient software platform and has formed a team of well-trained and highly experienced readers, to provide quantitative imaging surrogates of tissue adaptation and disease progression in large scale studies. 

“We are excited about this partnership and look forward to extending our already strong research collaboration into a closer strategic cooperation between the two companies." 

 - Dr. Ali Guermazi, BICL President

“This will allow us to offer the full spectrum of osteoarthritis imaging biomarkers, both quantitative and semi-quantitative, which recent research has been proven to provide complimentary and synergistic rather than competing or overlapping information in clinical trials." 

 - Felix Eckstein, Chondrometrics CEO

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