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MRI-Essentials is both, a comprehensive teaching tool for orthopedic MRI and a quick reference to pick up facts quickly in everyday practice.  The basic version provides short and concise paragraphs with simple drawings. It corresponds to the small booklet, available since 2004.  The Pro-version contains additional large number of MR-cases of outstanding image quality.  They illustrate the text, which is still short and concise, focusing on clinically relevant facts. It is a refinement of MRI-ESSENTIALS.COM, a textbook first published in 2014.

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From theory to practice –
the challenges of compositional MRI in osteoarthritis research

To date there is still no clinical application of compositional, also called “pre-morphologic“ MRI. Compositional techniques like T2 mapping, T1 rho or dGEMRIC are able to evaluate a tissues ultrastructure and has been used primarily for the assessment of cartilage in clinical studies and trials of knee osteoarthritis. Despite these technique being available on almost all clinical MRI systems, the interpretation of the data obtained is challenging.


In a current Editorial in Osteoarthritis & Cartilage BICL experts Drs. Roemer and Guermazi explain these current challenges and how these can be overcome to makes them eventually applicable in the clinic and also in clinical trials of knee osteoarhtritis. 

BICL Leaders Presentations at 2017 OARSI

CMO Dr. Frank Roemer
Radiograph Predictors of Progression
President, Dr. Ali Guermazi 
Structural Effects of Intra-articular TGF-β1 Producing Cells in Moderate to Advanced Knee Osteoarthritis: MRI-Based Assessment in Randomized Controlled Trial with a Focus on Cartilage and Inflammatory Marker
What is the Role of Imaging in Early Diagnosis of Pre-Radiographic OA?

CMO, Dr. Frank Roemer presentation at 2017 ESSR Munich Sports Imaging Course