Sub Specialty Experts

Muskuloskeletal disorders are among the leading causes of disability world-wide and importance will further increase due the aging populations in the western world. Osteoarthritis is the main target in treatment development and BICL has been at the forefront in helping finding solutions to on of the main medical challenges of the 21st century. BICL is highly specialized and focuses on three therapeutic areas: osteoarthritis, imaging assessment in anti nerve growth factor (aNGF) studies, cartilage repair.


BICL experts have excelled in driving the science of osteoarthritis, cartilage repair and aNGF evaluation by the development and validation of numerous semi-quantitative and quantitative assessment instruments. Evidenced by 300+ peer reviewed publications no other imaging core lab brings similar profound expertise in helping driving clinical trials to success. We strongly believe that the most important component of our service is based on the expertise that each member of our team brings to BICL.


Despite reading services that are exclusively performed by our core musculoskeletal radiologist with more than 10 years expertise in image assessment of osteoarthritis, cartilage repair and anti-NGF studies, we also offer consulting services regarding image modalities and acquisition protocols for proposed academic research projects and clinical trials. In addition quality control and supervision of adherence to imaging protocols is paramount for a successful trial and is being offered as part of the BICL expertise.

Musculoskeletal Experts